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Wanted : ethnic stem cell donors, aged 18-35

Mai's fight isn't over.

My name is Mai Duong

I’m 34 years old, hail from the Vietnamese community and am the proud mother of a 4-year old named Alice. Last January, I was diagnosed with acute leukaemia. I fought it and won. Momentarily. Now, the cancer has returned.

After more than two months looking for a donor throughout the world, my doctors finally settled on stem cells from an umbilical cord. Somewhere on the globe, a mom gave life twice by accepting to donate her baby’s umbilical cord, in ordier to save another mom’s life. I will never thank her enough.

Less than 1% of the 25 million donors worldwide are Vietnamese. All ethnic communities are severely under-represented in the world donor bank, making finding a compatible donor very difficult for me and countless others who are currently waiting for a transplant (over 12 000 people). This is a global problem which affects all countries. 53 countries are part of a network connecting donors and patients, Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide ( When donating stem cells, it could benefit anybody in the world.


This is my story

How donating works

Save a life


In Québec

Hema Quebec
1 800 565MOEL (6635), extension 279



Rest of the World

How Donation Works

If ever you are a match for anyone in need of bone marrow transplant, this video explains how the donation process works. And NO, a stem cell donation isn’t done through surgery in 90% of cases nowadays. It’s more like a long blood test. You can chat with your friends, watch TV series and bask in your glory of saving someone’s life.


Save a Community


In Canada





You can give life twice if you choose to donate your baby’s umbilical cord. Please talk to your doctor and register before the 36th week of pregnancy. Quebec :


Stem cell donation in 5 simplified steps  :
(North America)

  1. Register to your country’s national registry.
  2. They’ll send you a swabbing kit through the mail.
  3. Swab your gums vigorously in the areas indicated on the instructions. We don’t want saliva, we want cells! Apply the same pressure you would while brushing your teeth.
  4. Put the swabs back in the envelope. Send back to your conountry’s registry. (postal fees paid).
  5. Once we find a compatible donor, you’ll need to undergo medical tests to assess your health. If we find the perfect donor, the procedure can be done through apheresis (where the donor’s blood is passed through an apparatus that filters out one particular constituent and returns the remainder to circulation. It is thus an extracorporeal therapy.) or though surgery (surgery is now used in less than 10% of cases).


If ever you are a match for anyone in need of bone marrow transplant, this video explains how the donation process works.


Jeff talks about his experience as a Be The Match Registry® member and peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donor. PBSC donation is one of two ways to donate marrow.

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Please take note that Mai will not be giving interviews anymore. She needs to concentrate on her treatment.

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