Living Room Glass Walls : The Natural Good Lightning Instrument

Are you looking for a new, unique living room design? Do you feel bored with any selection of living room designs available? If you find these two questions true, then maybe having living room glass walls in your new living room can be a good idea. As the time goes by, there are more people who get interested with glass-style interior design. It is not only because glass can be one material which can be less expensive, but glass can also make your living room connected with the nature outside your home design.

This idea has been perfectly visualized by Anthony Kalambet in these pictures you see. In these pictures, you can see how living room glass walls can integrate the living room quite well with the nature outside the living room. In one picture, it is very brilliant how the this glass walls can reflect the stone outside as the second wall of the room. That is one advantage that you can get from glass : Glass can reflect the material outside as the complementary accent of the room. Many designers have applied this idea.

Another advantage that you can get from glass walls is the lightning. It has been well-perceived that having glass windows or glass walls can guarantee a good lightning for the room. That one is also working in this picture. Even though the room is only equipped with some small lamps, but the lightning is still very good because of the glass walls. The floor sofa that the designer picks in this picture is also another thing that we have to take a closer look at. The grey sofa, a coffee table, and a brown floor carpet are just perfect for making this room look comfortable for the family time. Even though everything seems nice in this picture, but still the one that steal our attention the most is the living room glass walls.