Spider Web Lamp : A Creative Living Room Lightning Idea

If your house or your living room has already enough lightning from the windows, all you need to complete the design is a creative lightning. This care frequently happens, indeed. As the time goes by, many families have been so much in love with the glass-style doors or windows. You may have been aware that more apartments now have offered you a living room with many glass windows which show the city view from your living room apartment. Glass windows are very effective in making sure that the room is well-covered by sunlight in the afternoon and by moonlight at night.

When your apartment is one of that type, a creative lightning is the perfect option. One example that you can take a closer look at is a visualization by Dmitry Voytsitskiy. You can see from the pictures that the designer pick up the spider-web-like lightning for the living room. Even though this lightning is not strong enough to light up the room, but that is not a problem as the room has already had enough light from the windows. The lap in this case is working as an complementary lightning and an artistic interior for the room.

The lamp is not only the only one which steals our attention. The sofa choice that the designer picks is also worth mentioning in the first place. As you can see, the room is quite monotonous with the white color, that is why a bright sofa will give a new touch to the room. In fact, that is working! The blue sofa can perfectly match with the lamp and the room as a whole. Some wood coffee tables are perfect to complete this room design. In the end, this awesome room design starts from thecreative lightning which will make any living room a fun place to hang out.

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