The Stylish, Comfy, and Easy to Clean Bowsers Dutchie Dog Bed

If you are looking for dog bed that will ensure your pet’s comfort and your own convenience, Bowsers dutchie dog bed is the answer. Its design looks modern and stylish, yet still comfortable for your dog to laze around on. The bolster shape looks trendy and will fit right in any house. The dog bed consists of plush cushions that can be removed easily by opening its zippered covers. Cleaning is definitely more convenient when you do not have to deal with bulky cushions.

When you buy this bed, choose the material for your cover. The manufacturer offers several types of materials including micro velvet, faux leather, chenille, and sheepskin-like fabric. Each material has its positive and negative points. Microfiber fabric like micro velvet and micro cord can be cleaned easily and feels smooth against your skin. The disadvantage is that it may look dirty quickly. If your dog is in furry category, the fur tends to stick to microfiber fabric.
The dutchie dog bed manufacturer wants this product to look super stylish. You can find design of Bowsers dutchie dog bed that will suit your taste from its vast catalogue. It is offered in various colors. If you like neutral colors, you have some options like: beige, off white, dark grey, and many others. However, if you prefer bolder color to enhance your room brightness, you can choose orange, turquoise, and other bold colors instead.

Bowsers dutchie dog bed series come in five different styles. The classic style looks timeless and elegant. There are also dog beds in contemporary style which look trendy. There is a style called dog lovers with various uniquely named products like Flamingo Bones and Silver Treats. The traditional style promotes earthy colors and patterns. Meanwhile, novelty style is certainly designed for people with unique taste. You can choose dog bed with style that you like.

Depending on your dog’s breed, you should choose the right bed size. There are five size options, from small to super extra-large. If you have small dog like Chihuahua or Maltese, small size bed will suffice. Do not force your Samoyed to sleep in small bed, though. The price of dog bed depends on the size of your choice. Having dog bed is certainly an investment. You would not want your dog to share your bed all the time, right? Well, Bowsers dutchie dog bed is the perfect product with great taste.