Best Handheld Knife Sharpener

This time, we will talk about the recommended handheld knife sharpener. As we know, a knife will not work properly if it is not accompanied by sharpener. They are like two pairs that cannot be separated, or else things will not go along with your plan. However, the sharpener stone has been considered obsolete to offset the current blade development. Therefore, we are going to show you the modern knife sharpener that handheld and go along with your style.

**1. Gelindo 3-in-1 handheld knife sharpener**

To obtain a knife with maximum sharpness, of course you have to try extra hard to sharpen. However, you will not find it when using this product. Gelindo handheld knife sharpener has a unique design with a grip adjusted to the fingers of an adult hand. Well, it is comfortable to grasp while providing maximum grip to keep the hands away from sharpening area. As the name suggests, Gelindo also comes with 3 types of grit sharpener; each of which is made from a variety of quality materials like ceramic, tungsten carbide, to diamond stone.

**2. Lansky Deluxe color-coded sharpening system**

When you see this kit first, you must think that this is a toy as it is very colorful. In fact, each color aims to provide a code about the level of grit that each sharpening stone has. This kit is categorized as the best handheld knife sharpener because the contents are complete and varied, ranging from 5 different types of sharpening stone, knife clamp, even the lubricant oil is also provided here. Unlike the sharpener in general, when using Lansky deluxe, it is not a moving blade. However, its sharpener is back and forth following the guidelines.

**3. Lansky Handheld Diamond Sharpening Stone**

If you still want the other product, you can choose Lansky Handheld Diamond Sharpening Stone. As the name implies, this knife sharpener has two sides in one handle, between coarse & fine or medium & fine, depending on which type you buy. Although it has different grit, each sharpening stone is made of high-quality diamond induced stone, giving extra sharpness to your knife. Moreover, the nylon handle can also be folded, thus covering its sharpening stone and ease of storage because of its small size. Sharpening stone of this type does not require oil and water to hone. You can get this handheld knife sharpener in market or online store.